Filling of Vacancies in the Public Service 

The provisions of the First Schedule – Recruitment and Employment Code of the Public Service Act, CAP 29 require, inter alia, that all job opportunities or offices vacant for periods in excess of twelve months must be circularised or advertised and should be filled on merit, but where the nature of the work so requires, consideration shall be given to seniority and experience.  Please refer to the Public Service Act for further details.

In addition, persons seeking employment in posts that are generally regarded as entry level positions, for example, Clerical Officer, Stenographer, Messenger, Maid and Driver, may also register at the Division for short-term employment.

Persons registering at Personnel Administration Division for employment should be at least sixteen (16) years and must produce the following:

  • Documentary evidence of qualification (originals only);
  • Curriculum vitae; and
  • Documentary evidence of nationality, (e.g. National Registration Card, Passport).