The PRDS aims to develop a culture of “renewed professionalism” in the public sector by:

  1. Linking individual work performance to key tasks and key results of each agency;
  2. Improving work planning;
  3. Identifying employee competencies and allowing for the prioritisation of training and development;
  4. Providing opportunities for improved dialogue between managers, supervisors and employees;
  5. Recognising and rewarding good work performance through incentives and opportunities for career development; and
  6. Appraising the work performance of all employees in a fair, open objective and consistent manner.

The PRDS Process/Cycle runs parallel to the financial year (April – March) and has four phases:

1st phase - The Planning Meeting takes place towards the end of the financial year or very early in the new financial year (March-April). During this meeting, the supervisor and the employee meet to discuss and agree on the objectives for the appraisal period and to develop the officer’s work-plan. The ministry/department’s strategic plan or programme budget document and the officer’s job description will be used to develop the objectives and performance measures in the individual work plan. This is used to   assess/appraise the employee’s performance quarterly.

2nd phase – The first progress meeting takes place in July/August. At this meeting, supervisors meet with employees to assess their progress in relation to those targets agreed to at the planning meeting and outlined in the individual work-plan. Feedback is provided on actual performance, areas for development are discussed. Strategies to deal with problems encountered in meeting the objectives e.g. coaching, training, counseling, mentoring, are discussed and agreed on. Objectives are adjusted as necessary.  

Feedback is also given on the performance of the required behaviours and functional competencies.

3rd phase – The second progress meeting takes place in November/December. This meeting follows a similar course to the second progress meeting.

4th phase - The assessment/appraisal meeting takes place in March the following year. Initially, an assessment is done of the officer’s progress since the last meeting and an interim grade is assigned. The form is completed.