Role and Function of the Service Commissions

There are several legal instruments which outline the role, functions and duties of the Service Commissions. The main document is the Barbados Independence Order 1966, most often referred to as the Constitution of Barbados.  The others include the Service Commissions Act CAP 34, the Police Act CAP 167, the Service Commissions (Police Service) Regulations 1964, the Service Commissions (Public Service) Regulations 1978 and the Public Service Act CAP 29.

The Service Commissions are independent bodies which are advisory in nature.  Their role is to ensure that principles of justice, equity and transparency are observed in the management of officers in the Public Service 

Under Chapter VIII of the Constitution, the Service Commissions advise the Governor General with regard to appointments to public offices, removal from office and disciplinary control over persons holding or acting in such offices.    The Public Service Act which was proclaimed on 2007-12-31 expanded the functions of the Service Commissions to include the making appointments to temporary posts, ensuring the development of the Performance Appraisal System and   providing strategic direction for the development of the Public Service