Aims and Objectives

The purpose of the PRDS 360-degree feedback system is to provide an objective method of assessing senior managers in the public service of Barbados. The overall objective is to present a balanced picture / broad view of each senior officer’s strengths and developmental areas, based on reports from key persons with whom each officer interacts regularly. The report will provide a gap analysis of how the employee perceives himself /herself and how others see him / her.  The recommendations would then be used as a catalyst for continuous growth and development of the officer’s skills, competencies and behaviours, ultimately leading to improved service-wide productivity.


The 360-degree system is intended to provide a range of benefits both to the individual and to the organization including:

a)   Better communication with and among managers;

b)   Improved relations with colleagues;

c)   Increased motivation;

d)   Increased staff support for a culture of productivity;

e)   Enhanced efficiency;

f)   Improved management practices; and

g)   Strengthened ownership of and buy-in for the system.